This is altastic, a collection of resources for ALTs and other teachers. We have stuff you can use for prep, for the interactive whiteboard, and other resources you can print out - and it's all 100% free!


This site would not be where it is today if it weren't for the support of the following awesome volunteers. May they be forever showered with happiness, fortune, and happy fortune.

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Names are displayed in random order, because you're all special little sunflowers, each as important as the last.



The Vocablinator is working, but it still needs your assistance. Help out by entering a few words from the vocab lists in each book!

Every word you enter gets us closer to our goal, so please help, even if you can only do one or two.

  • New Horizon24%
  • New Crown4%
  • Sunshine100%
  • Total English0%
  • One World0%
  • Columbus 210%